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Products & Services That May Benefit You:

Life Insurance – Give your loved ones financial security even if you disappear from the picture. Ensure they can maintain     the lifestyle they enjoy and do the things that make them happy.

Income Protection Insurance – Ensure that you will always have an income. Even if you can’t work, 75% or 55% (depending on your circumstances) of your pay still goes into the bank every month.

Trauma Insurance – A lump sum to help with treatment, care and other expenses if you are diagnosed with certain illnesses e.g.  critical cancer.

Permanent Disability Insurance – Don’t let a permanent disability cripple your finances too. A lump sum can enable you to maintain a degree of independence – help modify your house, car etc.

Health Insurance – Get fast access to top quality healthcare. Don’t suffer while you sit on a waiting list.

Advice for New Migrants – The process and laws around buying a house in New Zealand can be confusing to new migrants. Let me explain the process. I can even advise what are the best suburbs and schools for your kids.

Wills – What will happen to your assets if you pass away? Who will look after your children?

Enduring Power of Attorney – Who can decide to turn off your life support if required?

Life insurance and other related insurance products can be a minefield of jargon, terms and conditions and difficult to understand legal speak. Before you make important decisions that affect your loved ones’ future, set your mind at ease. Contact us today to make a time for your no-obligation Needs Assessment & Analysis.


What is a Needs Assessment & Analysis

Needs Assessment – We will meet where and when it suits you. Usually in the comfort of your own home works best. Allow 45 minutes to an hour for your appointment. Our advisors will happily travel anywhere in the wider Auckland area.

Financial Analysis – The advisor will go away and analyse all the information and data you have given . They will make a written recommendation in the form of a Financial Plan (also known as a Record of Client Advice). It will detail the products and services that suit you and your family’s unique needs, and why they are recommending them to you.

Present Your Financial Plan – They will phone you to make a second appointment. They will talk you through your Financial Plan (Record of Client Advice). Discuss any questions you may have.

Make Your Choice – At this stage most of our clients feel they have enough information to make a decision about the products that best suit them. Others want more time to think it over. Either way, there is absolutely no obligation to go ahead with any of the recommendations.


Contact us now to make your no-obligation appointment or call:   Neill Nixon on 021 208 0651